About Us

Founded in 2023 by Rasul Aggarwal and Priyaksh Garg, Zenproz is a unique professional at Home services start up based out of Gurgaon. Rasul Aggarwal has a B.Tech from George Mason University, Washington DC and MBA from Sam Walton School of Business, Arkansas and then he worked with Sam's club vendor as a Data Analyst for couple of years before returning to India from US.

The duo started Zenproz with the intention of bridging the gap and seamless connection of user with the pro. They wanted to introduce technology and innovation to this field and help customers shortlist the experienced professional, without the hassles of going to the concerned organisation physically. Zenproz is a user friendly app platform that helps to sync users with professionals at ease from comfort of their homes.

The platform guides the users step by step and presents vast range of professionals to select from. The company's service providers deliver a complete package that includes Teacher - Tutor, DJ - Singer, Physiotherapists - Nurses, Chef - Bartender, Performers - Artists, Trainer - Coach among the services. The startup's primary revenue streams stem from the provision of wide range of professional at home services, encompassing both quarterly and yearly subscription based plans.

Conveniently covering all the major cities of India and other parts of the world like Middle East, Europe and US, the app caters to the at Home needs of everybody including Children, Adults & Elderly alike. It brings together all the stakeholders on a Unified platform called zenproz.com Today, Zenproz offers a comprehensive list of highly qualified professionals for at Home services and needs. The streamline process helps users to link with the professionals in a very quick efficient manner.

Currently the start up has 20 people and is working aggressively towards making the process faster and efficient for everyone onboard. There will be a dedicated customer support team as well, that guides users with any difficulty or issues they face while using the app. In the near future, Zenproz aim to continue expanding it's horizon, connecting users with highly experienced professionals for their at home services and onboarding new partners.

To know more about the startup, please visit it's website www.zenproz.com